About Us

Where else in the World is there such rapid and continuous growth. We at Al Midfa & Associates have seen, over many years that this is not just a fad but a reality.

With such growth comes change, both in the Cultural attitudes of Dubai’s residents towards each other and also in the Corporate/Commercial World that we all live in. With such growth, care must be taken in ensuring that Laws are complied with and that we each treat the other with the respect and understanding that we all deserve. This means that, when dealing with Commercial Transactions, we provide equitable solutions and results for both sides of the transactions. To this end it is imperative that Contracts are fair and reasonable and not only record the terms and conditions but also the intention of the parties.

The Courts of Dubai are forward thinking and recognize the need for determination of Personal Affairs in the Natural Laws of the Litigants. Most recently an Appeal decision was made when a Woman needed a decision in relation to her husband’s Will. Both were UK Citizens and the husband died suddenly. Upon presentation of the appropriate Laws of Intestacy in the UK and sound argument by our Advocates, the Appeal Court ruled that the husband did have freedom of Testamentary Disposition and was entitled to leave his entire estate to his Wife.

This typifies the way in which Dubai is willing to grasp new concepts and use them to it’s own advantage. With nationalities from all over the Globe, the Courts and Lawyers need to be imaginative and investigative in their approach to differing clients.

Our practice caters for all types of Legal issues. Sami, Khalid, Mohamed, Ali and Omar are particularly experienced in Advocacy and with their wealth of experience and knowledge of the Laws of the UAE, can assist and advise on any subject.

Qualified bilingual Legal Consultants in our practice often act as liaison between the clients and the Advocates and assists with the Litigation for work necessary outside of the field of the Courts such as the preparation for Experts’ reports etc.

We hold a unique position in the Legal Forum of Dubai with the combination of Advocacy and Consultancy for the International market as well as for Local interest.