Civil Code

Indisputably the Civil Transactions Code is rightfully considered the father of laws in the U.A.E; simply for the reason that it stands as the key reference to any matter of law, especially if such matter is not stipulated for in any other law.

The Civil Transactions Code is concerned with the sources of obligation, be it a contract, regardless of its nature or title, omissive liability, unilateral will, enrichment without justification or Law, which means legislation per se, which stands one of the sources of obligation. The Civil Code is also concerned with the stipulations governing the said sources and tools of substantiation thereof. It is noteworthy that the U.A.E lawmaker has laid down a separate law for Evidence in addition to that of the Civil Code, whereby the civil-code based legal system in the U.A.E is knitted to regulate the relevant matters governed by the Civil Transactions Code.

Our conception of laws in the U.A.E and deep comprehension of all of their stipulations is our point of strength, which enables us to provide novel legal services and device innovative solutions to many of our clients’ disputes.