Criminal Code

The criminal or penal codes of any state represent a social necessity to have a solid grip on order, security and stability within its community. They also provide assurances to individuals for their safety, freedoms and protection of their property.

The U.A.E, particularly Dubai, would not have achieved the unparallel growth and all-inclusive development without its strict penal codes securing the safety of its sovereignty, its nationals and residents.

Regardless of the above, an individual within any society cannot guarantee the prevention of any violation, breach of the Law, or deterrence of any of the legal officers deviating from the purport or intent of the lawmaker upon the application of laws or reliance on defective procedures upon application of laws. Therefore the role played by the penal code becomes manifest, being the key legislation of punishment in the state with the Penal Procedures Code regulating the application thereof. Certain punishment stipulations are incorporated in other laws, such as the Traffic Code, Immigration Code, Labor Law, etc.

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