Personal Affairs


The broad-based cosmopolitan community of the UAE brought about voluminous legal queries on the rules governing the relationships among foreigners residing within the United Arab Emirates, including one’s relationship to his/her spouse, children and colleagues. Of all these queries come as top priority the marriage, divorce and inheritance matters.

Although it can be said – in the main – that the UAE rules have regulated all the procedural formalities granting legal and judicial bodies the authority to hand down rulings in favour of or against a foreigner, the UAE Lawmaker has expressly stipulated that certain cases in which a foreigner’s personal and family matters are subject to and governed by the UAE laws.

On the other hand, the UAE Lawmaker has given precedence to the application of a foreigner’s law “the law of his nationality” where the relevant dispute matter is being addressed in such laws. In case of failure to identify or recognise the existence of a foreigner’s law; or in case of failure to identify the significance of such Law; or in case it is in conflict with the provisions of Islamic Sharia Law, Public Order, or propriety (good moralities), then the UAE laws should be put to application.

Dubai Courts, legal and judicial bodies have in many cases laid down a number of precedents and legal principles; especially to this respect, where such precedents were the result of the legal researches, thoughts and endeavours offered by us through the cases we attend to. Without comparison, we succeeded in bringing to light a number of legal precedents and first-time rulings paving the way for establishing novel legal rules and principles. They are the fruits of the exclusive legal services we provide and distinctive efforts we exert – in firm belief – to our valued clients.